Snow Adventures

Super belated post! Gomen nasai from the bottom of my heart 😦 this post is about a snow trekking field trip I attended at Asamushi Onsen area on January 18th (with little tangents to other snow adventures!) 1月のスキートレッキングの旅行についてレポートします!-^__^- おそくなってごめんなさいね。。。>.<

Just to give some background – Aomori prefecture has one of the heaviest snowfalls in the world. Though the amount of snowfall varies a lot across the prefecture (Towada to Hachinohe getting less, Hirosaki/Aomori/the Japan sea side getting more), it is, undeniably, A LOT OF SNOW. And this isn’t just the Texan in me speaking… Anyways, thanks to Aomori, I have learned to not withdraw from snow, but to embrace and have fun with it. 青森で毎年すごい雪が降るなのど、私が青森に来たらちょっと雪に対して気持ちをかわりたいと思っていました。今雪が嫌なことじゃないと思って、雪で楽しく過ごせることになっています。テキサス出身の人なのに、青森のおかげで、雪とか寒い天気はちょっと気に入ったと思います。(\^w^/)

With this mindset in tow, I jumped at the opportunity to snow trek with the Aomori International Exchange Association. We started off the day getting fitted with skis, jackets and snow gear. It was my first time wearing skis!!! These were special sets – they had a better grip and were a bit wider than normal skis. スキーを履くのは初めてだったので楽しみにしていました!特別なスキーだったから結構歩きやすかったです。


Ready to go! よしいくぞ!!

We then trekked up a mountain. そして、山を上りました。ImageGood views were viewed. The name of that awesome, mysterious island in the bay is Yunoshima. 素敵な景色をみながら、スキートレッキングができてうれしいでした ^^


At the top especially. 特に山上で。。。


Can see clear out to Mutsu from there :) むつまで見える!すごーい!超きれい!


Me crashing the view

Then we walked down and returned to take a rest and do some crafts, namely some traditional basketmaking. 後は手作りかごを編みました。I just learned that this practice is called  つる細工, or tsuruzaiku, in Japanese.上手に作りたかったけど、ちょっと失敗になりました。。。私のせいだったかもね。。。。>.<


I had such high hopes for this basket! It was going so well, but then it started to get splintery and the slightest bit misshapen! 😦

And that was the field trip! It was a great chance to meet new friends, have awesome new experiences and see and feel beautiful parts of Aomori 🙂 I’ll leave you with a picture or two of snow from Hakodate and Sapporo this last weekend (just because my post is titled Snow Adventures and they would certainly be relevant!) じゃ、以上です!この青森国際交流経験で新しい友達を作ることが出来て、すばらしい新しい経験をもらって、美しい青森を感じられるので素敵な体験でした。函館と札幌雪祭りの写真でこのレポートを終了します :))


Goryokaku in the winter is real pretty 🙂


Yoyoooo and I had fun at Hakodateeee


So impressive


The snow festival display from India! It was amazing!

And that’s all folks! Belated apologies for not being a good, consistent blogger… I’ll keep trying my hardest…


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